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All weather dust cleaning electric sweeper

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  • Update Time : 2017-07-27
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Advantage note:

01, closed cockpit and rearview mirror, not only improve the beauty of the product, but also increased the use of wide and comfortable operation.

02, 1500mm ultra wide work surface, greatly improved work efficiency, shorten the working time. Effectively reduce the labor intensity of the operator.

03. The patented electric rear axle is equipped with a vehicle differential system, which enhances the stability and operability of the vehicle.

04, the independent development of aluminum alloy rings and vacuum tires to ensure the safety of drivers, that is, to increase the observability of the vehicle, and to ensure the service life of the entire tire.

05, 120Ah ultra large capacity storage battery, can more effectively increase the working time, reduce the use cost.

06, hand brake device: vehicle equipped with electronic brake system, effectively guarantee the safety of working personnel.

07. The hydraulic braking system is adopted to effectively guarantee the braking distance and improve the safety of the drivers.

08 、 adjustable speed brush system, effectively prevent dust.

09, chain drive type direction system improves the flexibility of the turn, reduce the corner, easy to operate.

10, with disk brush anti-collision device, effectively protect the large obstacles encountered when the disc brush automatically shrink, extending the machine's use time.

11, the balance of the roller brush system, can adapt to all kinds of concave convex pavement cleaning.

12. Pneumatic device can raise the body 8cm, effectively prevent wear and tear when not working, deformation.

13, equipped with inflatable barometer, you can use the air pump to inflate the tires by yourself, and also equipped with pneumatic guns to clean the body dust.

14 、 independent design and development of advanced brush system, can distinguish different particles for mechanical, ensure effective collection.

15, automatic cruise device, when continuing to trample the electric drive pedal for 8 seconds, the vehicle has cruise control function. Reduce operator work intensity.

16, equipped with warning lights, steering lights, headlamps, taillights and other lamps, improve the safety of road products.


Performance parameters:


CJZ150 All weather

Weight with full equipments


The size (length *wide * High)

2100 * 1500 * 2100mm

Disc brush diameter


Charger specifications

48V20A Three section type

Rolling brush diameter


The wind machine specifications

Brushless 350W

Cleaning area


The main motor specifications


Sweep width


Disc brush motor specifications

Brushless 180W * 2

The maximum effective cleaning area


Brush motor specifications


Dirt box volume


Battery capacity


Maximum suction height


Pump motor specifications


Working noise

62db (A)

Dusting motor specifications

Brush 100W

Undervoltage protection

42 + 0.5V

The total power of the lamp


Fork height adjustable


The fan working current


Charging time

6-8 hour

The working current of main motor


A maximum power consumption


Disc brush motor working current

0.9 x 2A

Rated voltage


Brush motor working current


The actual working time

8-10 hour

Total working current


sweeping speed

8 km/h

Travel speed


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