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What are the cleaning functions of the park sweeper?

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Park sweeper can solve many problems:

1. Health problems in people living in dusty surroundings;

2. Environmental indicators required by national laws or local regulations;

3. Premature damage of pavement due to accumulation of dust or garbage;

4, the production workshop products are dust pollution problems;

5, dust pollution in the production workshop fixed or moving machine problems;

Cleaning function of Park sweeper:

1, the park sweeper not only can clean the rubbish on the ground, but also can clean the dust, thus avoiding the dust flying in the sky, polluting the environment, and will not cause two pollution;

2, the park sweeper can quickly clean up the garbage on the ground, thus avoiding the damage of the road, protecting the ground from other aspects, and putting the park sweeper into use,

The work hours of the workers are greatly reduced, and the use of manpower and material resources is saved;

3. The park sweeper has a wide range of use, not only for parks, workshops, and other areas, but also for sweeping vehicles on hard ground, with high cleaning efficiency and little pollution,

The utility model can avoid the problem that the manual cleaning is uneven and the cleaning effect is not uniform;

4. The working efficiency of the park sweeper is 6-40 times that of manual cleaning. It can not only reduce labor costs greatly, but also save time and money, save cleaning costs, and lower cleaning costs than manual labor.

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