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Factors affecting the cleaning speed of electric sweeper

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Electric cleaning vehicles after long-term use, if not properly maintained, it is very prone to sweep the slow speed of this kind of situation, while the electric sweeping speed of this phenomenon cannot be called broken,

So, Chi Jie suggested that if you encounter this situation, remember to contact suppliers in time to request technical guidance.

According to the years of electric cleaning vehicle maintenance experience, sort out the following mechanical and electrical impact on the sweeper sweeping speed reasons, hoping to help people in need:

The speed of the electric sweeper can be divided into the following:

1. a sudden failure

Road sweeper damping system pressure suddenly disappeared, the machine can not operate normally, this situation is that we human beings cannot predict the sudden fault, but we can check before the operation maintenance excluded this situation.

2. progressive failure

Through accurate instrumental analysis and testing, we predict in advance the impending faults, and the presence of faults has a process of formation. For example, the wear and tear of the gears in the transmission gradually increases with the degree of wear,

We can do a lot of deep maintenance in a certain range of time, and we can predict the cycle of gear damage.

The above is Chengdu Jiajie sorting and release electric sweeper cleaning factors slow, for reprint please indicate the source:

This website has continuously updated the technical information and product consultation of electric sweeper, and the people who need it can pay more attention to it. If there is any doubt about the electric sweeper or the purchase demand, you can contact the customer at any time,

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