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What are the advantages of sweeper? Now more and more places are being used? In recent years, in th

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In recent years, cleaning vehicles in sanitation streets, property areas, workshops, parks, scenic spots, roads and other places almost everywhere,

Tanlong sweeper is so widely used, because of the following advantages of sweeper:

1 cleaning vehicles to improve the quality of the environment

After a lot of places with the sweeper, environmental quality improved significantly, especially now clean sanitation street, let us deep feelings, sweep car not only can meet the large garbage, even small trash can sweep into the dustbin, the overall quality of the environment is really improved a lot.

2 、 sweeper is efficient, time-saving and labor-saving

Compared with the manual cleaning cleaning car before, the efficiency is much higher, the hand push type sweeping machine can replace the 6-8 cleaning staff, while driving type sweeper can replace dozens of cleaning staff, therefore, the same area of the cleaning area, with sweeping function to save a lot of time, but also save a lot of manpower.

3, cleaning vehicles to reduce enterprise costs

Cleaning vehicles can replace a number of cleaning personnel for cleaning, indicating the purchase of a cleaning vehicle, you can save a lot of long-term cleaning personnel expenses, reduce costs for enterprises.


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