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What items should I pay attention to when using small cleaning vehicles for roads?

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1, in the work process, the suction device is in the open state, at this time the operator is strictly prohibited reversing.

2, when the road sweeper can not breathe objects, they need to stop and let the assistant pick up the rubbish. There are many garbage which can not be inhaled, such as iron sheet, wood board and so on.

3, due to the slow running speed of road sweeper, it is necessary to turn on the warning light in the course of operation, and warn the driver of the vehicle behind to attract attention.

4, sometimes in the road cleaning vehicle cleaning process will encounter congestion, need to be dealt with in time, at this time, auxiliary personnel need to put in the car next to the security signs can handle.

5, because the water storage is limited, so in the work process, as far as possible, there will be a broom cleaning side of water spraying, so as to save water. And when you look at the brooms, do you have pedestrians or vehicles along the road?.

6, when cleaning the crosswalk, the road sweeper must turn on the music switch to attract the attention of pedestrians and bicycle drivers, which can effectively ensure the safety of passers-by.

7, when the garbage bin is full, the overload warning light of the road sweeper will light up. At this time, the staff need to recover and fix the cleaning device as soon as possible, and then sweep the road sweeper to the garbage dump to take out the garbage.

8, in order to ensure the process in the trash does not make others injured, the operator must pay attention to the road sweeping car parked in the flat position, split doors or car have to be extremely careful to avoid wounding. You need to close the tailgate when the car is reset.

9, end of garbage to return when cleaning the road, auxiliary personnel need to assist the driver will be road sweeper to the specified location, the driver must maintain effective communication and support staff to grasp the pavement condition.


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