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Which sweeper is better for the workshop?

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The workshop area more than 5000 square meters. The use of driving type electric sweeper can effectively solve the problem of cleaning workshop. Characteristics of dust in cleaning workshop of driving electric sweeper:

1, the driving principle of work and hand push the working principle of the difference is not much, the volume and efficiency is indeed a big difference, cleaners can sit on the steering wheel to grasp the need to clean the region,

Through the brush, the main brush, garbage storage box, filter screen and other devices to work together to complete the factory workshop cleaning dust task.

2, the main position of brush sweeper garbage collection box near the machine is short, this can be a lot of debris and stolen goods factories produce direct and effective collection and control, but also has a strong suction fan and high power vacuum system,

The dust and other garbage can be completely sucked into the garbage collection box of the sweeping machine, and the dust can be timely entered into the garbage box when the dust is cleaned, the phenomenon that the dust can not be generated can be avoided, and the two pollution to the environment can be avoided.

3, the pumping system at the front of the machine can generate strong suction, and then filter the dust through the machine, then filter the dust to prevent exhaust gases from causing two pollution and affecting the health of the operator's health.


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