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The classification of wax in electric sweeper is briefly analyzed

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How do you classify the car wax in the electric sweeper? Do you know? Generally speaking, according to the car wax function, vehicle wax decorative effect, vehicle wax production country and vehicle wax physical state to divide the sweeper car wax species, the specific analysis is as follows:

1, according to the different functions of car wax, classified electric cleaning vehicle wax according to its main function is divided into polishing wax and polishing wax two kinds.

The main ingredients of homemade wax are beeswax, turpentine and so on. Their appearance is mostly white or ivory. It is mainly used for surface polishing in spray painting.

The domestic main ingredients for polishing wax, ceresin diatomite, alumina, mineral oil and emulsifier. The color is light gray, gray, yellow and brown milk etc., mainly used for processing and coating operation flat shallow scratches,

To remove superficial scratches and fill tiny pinholes.

2, according to the different effects of car wax decoration, classified electric sweeping car wax can be divided into colorless polishing wax and colored polishing wax. Colorless polishing wax mainly to enhance the main, colored wax mainly to enhance the color based.

3, according to different types of vehicle wax production, automobile wax is divided into domestic wax and imported wax according to different producing countries. At present, domestic wax is basically low-grade wax, most of the high-grade automotive wax for imported wax.

Common imports of wax from the United States, Britain, Japan, Holland and other countries, such as the United States Dr. turtle series of car wax. British special envoy series car wax, American series of cars, wax and so on. Domestic car wax most often have instant throwing.

4. According to the physical state of vehicle wax, the classification of automobile wax can be divided into four kinds: solid wax, semi-solid wax, liquid wax and spray wax according to their physical states. The car wax viscosity more gorgeous, shiny and durable more strong,

But decontamination is weaker, and waxing operation more laborious. In contrast, the smaller the viscosity of the car wax, the more convenient to use, but the persistence is weak.

The wax type sweeper is various, the market of car wax type is more diverse, we choose a time when cleaning car wax must according to their own needs and the sweeping vehicle performance and other aspects to consider what should use sweeper car wax.



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