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Features of electric sweeper

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1, delicate appearance, belonging to the domestic cleaning models most suitable for narrow street car. Simple operation, no driver's license, proper training can mount guard.

Electric cleaning vehicle

2, cleaning degree can reach more than 85%. The cleaning speed is fast, the dust is small, and the energy consumption is low.

3, each model can reach a number of cleaning workers workload, is to improve the efficiency of the first choice.

4, electric cleaning vehicles instead of cleaning workers, so that the city is more tidy and beautiful, electric cleaning vehicles become the best choice.

Questions that can be dealt with

1, we live in the dusty environment of health problems;

2. Environmental objectives requested by national laws or local regulations;

3, because of dust or garbage and the formation of premature damage to the road;

4, the production workshop products are dust pollution doubt;

5, the fixed or moving machines in the production workshop are questioned by dust pollution;

Economic analysis

1, sweeper Sweeper Vacuum system is equivalent to 6-40 times the manual;

2, reduce the degree of dust pollution to the environment (save time and money, reduce manual cleaning of the appearance of goods, cleaning and maintenance of machinery and equipment, and periodic environmental sanitation work, etc.)

3, improve work efficiency, work together to improve the enthusiasm of the operator;

4, a clean and orderly environment, not only to improve the image of the city, and more conducive to the construction of urban civilization and the enthusiasm of the public work.

5, work efficiency is high: every hour can clean 8000 square meters or so, the same work area is greatly shortened at the moment;

Electric cleaning vehicle

6, cleaning costs low: electric sweeping car can replace 12-15 manual cleaning, save a lot of labor wages, benefits and response to salary rise question;

7, good cleaning effect, the contact method: Saul suction take electric sweeper, than the traditional manual cleaning the floor clean more than China;

8, high safety function: let the cleaning workers in a safe environment (the road is too fast to move too many vehicles, manual cleaning is not safe);

9, high economic returns:


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