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Have you ever seen a sanitation car in that era?

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Have you ever seen a sanitation car in that era?

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Have you ever seen a sanitation car in that era?

In the blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and rivers in the environment, when we suddenly look back, do you still remember those years, the time we used and seen sanitation car.


Tumbril impression index in 60s made in our country: assumes.

Tumbril 60s China's own production, the FAW chassis, a valve body, all manual control, although the vehicle has the advantages of simple structure, poor effect, high labor intensity, convenient operation, but the advent of the tumbril cleaning operations into the mechanical age.


Modified patchwork impression index: the garbage truck assumes.

Our times are hard pioneer garbage truck modified patchwork, simple body is a piece of glass, slightly to shelter, the chassis is Shanghai 581 wheeled chassis, weight is only three tons of garbage, all rely on manual handling.


70s CPI in the street sweeper road assumes:

The first real road sweeper in China was imported, but the great Chinese were full of wisdom. Our people invented simple road cleaning equipment under limited conditions, as shown above.

80-90 's reform and opening up, China economy began to gradually towards the rapid development of the domestic research institutions, environmental sanitation vehicle manufacturers increased sanitation vehicle research and development efforts, developed a new generation of environmental sanitation equipment.


High pressure cleaning suction sewage truck impression index:.

High pressure cleaning sewage suction truck completely replaced the tumbril, mainly because there has been a clear defect of China's sewer dredging equipment utilization, comprehensive performance and environmental emissions in a vehicle, especially in vehicle comprehensive utilization rate of lack of integration, common sewage suction truck cannot be cleaned, ordinary cleaning car can not suck in the selection, caught in a dilemma. The emergence of high pressure cleaning and suction trucks is like a dark sunshine, which completely solves the entanglement of people.


Sweeping road sweeper: perception index.

Sweeping type road sweeper invention reflects the infinite wisdom of the Chinese nation, equivalent to 10-40 times the artificial cleaning car floor cleaning system; reduce dust to the extent of environmental pollution (save time and resources, reduce the manual on product appearance of clean, cleaning machinery and equipment maintenance and periodic sanitation work at the same time, etc.) to improve work efficiency, improve the working enthusiasm of the operator; a good clean environment can not only improve the image of the city, enthusiasm and more conducive to city culture construction and public works. In the age of the older generation of extremely hard and bitter entrepreneurship, sanitation workers are relying on these simple tools, start empty-handed, after a lot of hard work, lay the foundation for the development of national sanitation undertakings.

Over the years, although most of these car brands have disappeared, but there are always some things in mind, but can never be wiped out, and can never be replaced.

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