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Midsummer already arrived, check line in time, prevent road to sweep car spontaneous combustion

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Midsummer already arrived, check line in time, prevent road to sweep car spontaneous combustion

Usually, road sweeper spontaneous situation suddenly, there are tens of thousands of vehicles in road sweeper are burned due to spontaneous combustion in China every year, resulting in huge economic losses, some road sweeper spontaneous combustion accidents even caused serious casualties. Hot summer has arrived, the road sweeper spontaneous combustion probability also increased accordingly. How to prevent spontaneous combustion of road sweeper? We should start with the following aspects:

Check and maintain electrical wiring regularly. Road sweeper with automatic control performance of the height of the electrical line all over the body, arranged in a crisscross pattern is very complex, with many electrical components, after high temperature baking vibrations and engine long time continuous, electrical wiring is possible hardening crack open circuit short circuit or bad contact phenomenon, resulting in electrical circuit grounding, because "" fire "leakage or storage and spontaneous combustion. According to the statistics of the departments concerned, the majority of the cars in the road cleaning accidents were cars, accounting for more than 80%, mainly due to electrical wiring failures. Therefore, the owner should be based on the condition of the car every year to the car's 4S special distribution shop or road cleaning vehicle repair plant for inspection and repair.

Check and maintain oil (gas) pipeline regularly. Fuel oil (gas) in case of oil (gas) pipeline leakage fault, mixed with air explosive concentration limit is reached, in the fire it may cause fire or explosion, the risk of spontaneous combustion after road sweeper electrical circuit fault. Therefore, the owner should be in the overhaul of the road cleaning vehicle electrical circuit, together with the oil (gas) pipeline maintenance. In addition, in driving road sweeper if the smell of fuel oil (gas) strong taste, that road sweeper has undergone a fuel oil (gas) leak, the situation is very dangerous, should not continue to run, otherwise it may cause spontaneous combustion of road sweeper. At this point should be extinguished immediately, the car parked by the roadside, notify the road cleaning vehicle repair plant to repair.

No overload, long distance travel. Deadweight tonnage per car road sweeper are rated, the driver should strictly abide by the operation rules of the car, especially not overload driving, otherwise it will cause the engine caused by high temperature, oil, circuit or combustion, will make the tire high temperature, tire pressure increases, accelerate the tire wear, tire and tire caused by spontaneous combustion. If the long-term heavy overloading, but also greatly shorten the service life of road sweeper.

No need to modify the vehicle at will. Now some young people in order to highlight the personality, according to their own wishes to refit the road sweeper, to the car to install some electrical equipment, changing the original circuit design, increase the electrical load, so that the car is equal to the buried "time bomb", is likely to lead to spontaneous combustion, should be especially attracted the owner of the guard.

Dangerous articles shall not be placed. Under the condition of high temperature in summer especially gas lighters, air fresheners, moss and filled with plastic or metal pressure tank of flammable gas is placed on a road sweeper driving table. Because of this, it is easy to produce high temperatures due to solar exposure, which makes the flammable liquid gas in the pressure vessel expand and cause explosion combustion. You can not put gasoline, alcohol, paint and fireworks and other dangerous goods placed in the car, because once a leak or traffic accident, is likely to cause explosion combustion.

Equipment should be equipped with fire extinguisher. In order to take preventive measures, the road sweeper should have at least 1 larger fire extinguishers, because it is difficult to extinguish the fire with a small fire extinguisher. At present, there are mainly three types of fire extinguishers, which are more suitable for road sweeper: multifunctional water pipe fire extinguisher, foam fire extinguisher and dry powder fire extinguisher. Each fire extinguisher has its shelf life and specific operation methods, users should strictly abide by the product maintenance and use requirements, fire extinguishers are about to fail, should be updated in time, so as not to have the fire can not be used. In addition, the car is best equipped with a basin or bucket, in a timely manner to get water, the best effect of fire extinguishing water.

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