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The development trend of road sweeper and classification of operation methods

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The development trend of road sweeper and classification of operation methods

The development trend of road sweeper

China's sweeping car industry after decades of development, products from a single pure sweep type to the development of a variety of types at present, the performance and quality of the products increased rapidly, especially after the reform and opening-up, the import of key pieces of the road sweeper greatly improve product performance and reliability. But at present, the level of road sweeper in our country is still somewhat different from that of developed countries, especially in the aspect of product reliability. In order to improve our country as soon as possible road sweeper level, narrow and advanced country road sweeper level gap, meet China's sanitation department of cleaning operation requirements on the pavement, road sweeping vehicle production enterprises should choose a suitable way of sweeping vehicle direction. With the development and progress of society, no longer satisfied with the vacuum cleaner in the sense of simplicity, it will make more demands from multi-function, environmental protection, economy and so on. The market calls for vacuum cleaners that can meet various demands. This new model can be a complete cleaning of the ground, the road side teeth cleaning, cleaning and cleaning the road curb on the ground after the sprinkler cleaning work, applicable to all kinds of weather and different dry pavement, clean dust is more suitable for the places of square, roads, residential areas, parking lot, wharves, airports, railway stations, cement plant, etc..

As one of the environmental sanitation equipment, road sweeper (sweeper truck) is a new type of high efficiency cleaning equipment which integrates road cleaning, garbage collection and transportation. The utility model can be widely used for cleaning roads, highways, municipal and airport roads, urban residential areas, parks and other roads. The road sweeper can not only clean, but also to dust purification air medium on the road, not only to ensure the road's appearance, maintaining environmental health, maintain good working conditions of the road, have to reduce and prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents and further extend the service life of the road. At present, it has become a trend that pavement sweeper is used in pavement maintenance in china.

Road sweeper is a special sanitation vehicle equipped with sweeping brush and cleaning system. It is mainly used for cleaning work in large and medium city sanitation departments. The road sweeper has greatly liberated the working strength of the sanitation workers, improved work efficiency, and reduced two pollution such as dust.

Classification of operation modes

(1) hand propelled sweeping vehicles and hand type sweeping vehicles;

(2) self propelled road sweeper;

(3) pure sweep type sweeper;

(4) suction sweeping type sweeper;

(5) pure suction sweeping vehicle (multi-function full suction sweeper);

(6) dry type sweeper;

(7) wet sweeper

(8) all suction sweeping vehicle;

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