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Do you understand the function of electric sweeper?

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The car wrench for electric sweeper is something that few people will tell you. Through the introduction of different types of truck wrenches, we can better understand the various components of the electric sweeper.

The first point: the tooth beating electric sweeper pipe wrench jaw, clamping tube, rotating the workpiece to the trapped. When in use, when the jaw is adjusted to an appropriate opening, the user of the electric sweeper is holding the wrench handle to rotate in the same direction as the opening.

Second: electric sweeper torque wrench structure, a torque dial disc for 30kg/m common bean, can reflect the pointer by tightening torque. A spider or nut for a road sweeper, such as a cylinder head, a bolt, a nut, a crankshaft, a connecting rod, a bolt, and a grip.

The third point: electric sweeper's open spanner is used to assemble and disassemble standard and standard road sweeper, nut and bolt. The wrench is convenient to use and can directly block the two sides of the six sides.

The fourth point: electric sweeper, plum wrench and open wrench have the same purpose. Electric sweeping machine, plum wrench at both ends of the sleeve, there are generally 12 corners, the rotation is not easy to slip, safe and reliable. The mouth of the road sweeping vehicle is also made into different sizes to meet various requirements. The utility model relates to a spanner for a road sweeper, which has a thin mouth, and is convenient for dismounting nuts and screws which are limited in the position.

Fifth points: electric sweeper, socket wrench is a complete set of tools, there are a variety of different sizes. The complete electric sweeper also has a crank handle and a long and short connecting rod, which is suitable for dismounting or cleaning the road sweeper bolts or nuts.

Sixth points: the electric sweeper is a wrench with adjustable opening distance. Electric sweeper, movable wrench according to the length of the handle specifications, commonly used 100150200250 mm and so on. When using the electric sweeper, the spanner and the nut or the bolt head can be firmly fastened to prevent the jaw from sliding or falling out, and the spanner and the screw bolt are not damaged. The rotating direction of the wrench shall be in accordance with the movable part of the opening so that the movable part is thrust.

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