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Chengdu Vanke charm city adopts "Sun cleaning and sweeping machine"

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Chengdu Wanke meilizhicheng property in order to ensure the cleanliness of district purchased a batch of Kunshan Chijie driving type sweeping machine, electric sweeper for residential square and road cleaning, improve cleaner cleaning efficiency but also improve the cleanliness of the area.

Vanke Vanke City of charm charm exchange adhering to Shu in philosophy, in the volume rate, green rate is big, low volume rate of 2.12, high green rate of 45%, to make your home more green, and the 19 plate enjoyment, nearly 1:1 of the parking spaces, so no other small proportion of hardware match.

In traffic, close to Metro Line 2, the 5 minute walk to the east railway station has been fully operational, intercity chengmianle fast rail opened in 2012, a tour around Sichuan. The avenue, Chongqing Expressway, East sanhuan intertwined, all roads lead to prosperity.

In matching, and more enjoy Vanke 7 years into the city of alcohol cooked matching. The golden apple, "five golden flowers" SHUTER primary school less than 10 minutes walk, let the children walk to school; the Affiliated Hospital of the hospital based on the province, for you and your family's health escort; Asia's top commercial super large Cade, covers, fashion, Home Furnishing living museum, business office, let your life step by step fresh.

Vanke property - China property service gold medal team, family style care, let you live without worries!


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