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During the National Day holiday, Kunshan Chi Jie company in order to ease the pressure in the

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The trip to Taohua Island is located between the Zhejiang islands of Zhoushan Island, is described in Jin Yong's martial arts master living in the East China sea. The island charming scenery, rich in tourism resources, land, mountain, reefs, rocks, caves, temple, temple, temple, flowers, trees, birds, cliff stone, is a legend. During the tour, we all enjoy the release of the usual work brought about by tension and pressure, the participants are very happy to play, very relaxed. To play three days to end soon, but we are still unable to part of the island, feel it was worth revisiting again. Not only because of the beauty of the scenery here is worth nostalgia, but more importantly, in the play, we help each other, mutual care team spirit worthy of nostalgia. The company's activities reflect the culture and culture of the company.

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